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I mentioned the importance of passion in one of my previous posts. As I received a lot of questions on this, I thought of writing a separate post on the topic.

In the movie „Meet Joe Black”, William Parish tells her daughter that love is passion, obsession. Without passion is not worth living.
I think one of the driving force throughout life is passion, so-to-say obsession, meaning the good sense of the word.
If our days go by without passion, we are not even alive.

Will not always be easy, but at least you should try it.

The passion is the fire in us, that is fed by our faith. Passion is our dreams, our desires, our enthusiasm that we feel towards someone or something, but something that unfortunately is not easy to preserve. It is not easy, because the social expectations and school education are all against passion. It is crammed into our heads that we should not dream, should not be realistic, but stand in line, learn and then find a job for ourselves.

Many people conceive of daydreaming that ruins our life. This is not good at all. If everyone stood in line, then the world would make no headway. There is only one permanent thing in the world. The change. And the change is based on whether a person has a dream or not. One may think he will not succeed, but if he believes in himself and in his dreams, doesn’t care about anything and anyone, his dream will come true.

Of course, there is no need for cherishing world-saving dreams, but anyone can change his/her life if they follow their dreams.

You don’t necessarily need great things to think about. One may dream about that he will be the best in his job, (a teacher, a hairdresser or a painter, etc.) or one of the best ones.

At the beginning of my career I lost one of my businesses. I was too naive and inexperienced at that time. I needed to recover and because I had no other chances, I started to work as a pizza delivery guy.
For many of the people, this is not really a dream-job in the first place, when they think about what to work. It was not my dream-job, too, but was suitable for me as a first step.

I did not care about how embarrassing could have been that job for an entrepreneur who I was beforehand, because I was looking for a role in which I felt good about my job.

I do not think that any job could be beneath one’s dignity.
So I wanted to be the best delivery guy. All of my colleagues delivered foods by motor car, I did it by my car. I picked up an English butler’s style. The car was always clean, I wore a shirt and a tie and white cotton gloves.

I handed over the food for everyone as if he had been in a plush restaurant. I enjoyed the moment of surprise, moreover the shock I saw on the clients’ face caused by me.

But all is well that ends well. My efforts finally resulted in a success story. I got more tips after two months than all the other five delivery guy, and on several occassions clients who ordered food asked especially me to deliver their pizzas. I was working as a delivery guy for a year.

Then one day, one of my clients invited me to his office and offered me a job. He said that a luxury car brand was willing to open a salon in town and he would like me to work for him.

Another year went by, and by that time I became his best performing salesman.

Many people might think that I was just lucky to be offered such a job.
Personally, I don’t believe in luck, and I confess that luck supports those who work for it.

I consider work as a kind of daily activity that provides enjoyment, helps me to develop, and to collect new experiences. There are of course hated moments and tasks, but passion helps me through these.
The reward is always more and better than I am hoping for at the beginning.
Passion helps me to do what others don’t do and helps me to live in a way others do not.

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